Anti-depression medication has been prescribed at an increased rate of 400% over the last 2 decades. It’s now common place for a doctor to suggest that one has a lifelong disease. But that wasn’t the case less than 50 years ago.

Being diagnosed with depression has become a philosophy of life.

Being emotionally inconsonant has become the backdrop for every argument against what is good. We weren’t designed to get pleasure from complaining, we were created to love God, love Gods people, excel at Gods work, and better Gods world, none of which can be done while complaining about how hard life is from the basement of your parents house.

Culture is responsible for fascitizing depression. Everyone wants to be different, and the easiest cop-out is to wake up and just say I have ADHD, or I’m depressed. Everyone wants to be a unique snowflake hoping that no one will be able to understand them so they can be perceived as different.

NEWSFLASH… No! What you are is lazy and incapable of concentrating on something long enough to give yourself a differentiating factor in life other than being a complainer.

Winston Churchill was so hyper-focused on the vision that he had that many often said he was depressed. But what Mr. Churchill was was driven to will his vision to pass; That drive allowed Churchill to win World War 2.

The depression most millennials suffer from prevents them from working at McDonald’s because they believe they’re entitled to make millions for doing nothing.

To compare the two depressions isn’t even close to accurate. What really needs to happen is for millennials to be told to man up.

Yes, PTSD exists. And depression exists – if you lose a loved one, take time to mourn. However, the majority of depression cases we deal with today seem to just be whinny millennials.

Do you think there could be any motivation for pharmaceutical companies to turn this into a pathological disease for creating profit?

Sit in a room for 15 years talking about bad things for hours while taking medication that alters your brain chemistry and I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re depressed too. The issue with depression is not the depression, it’s the medical treatment of depression.

Isn’t it interesting how depression is more common in rich countries where people can afford to get treatment? Isn’t it interesting that such a chronic disease respects the borders of countries? If depression isn’t situational, it should be present universally across the human race. It should be just as prevalent on an island in the Pacific as it is in the US.

Depression is simply an externalization that allows people to absolve responsibility from their lives.

Not having a girlfriend doesn’t prove that depression is real, it proves loneliness is real.

Loren Richard Mosher was an American psychiatrist, clinical professor of psychiatry, expert on schizophrenia and the chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia in the National Institute of Mental Health. After two years of study he concluded that there is no biological condition of depression because in 100% of his cases there wasn’t anything actually wrong with the human brain in depressed people.