In a recent interview this past weekend, Bernie Sanders admitted in an interview with Anderson Cooper that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would in fact help the middle class. Unfortunately, the interview has been scrubbed from the internet since. If you have a video, please send it to us so that we can post it for our audience. 

Bernie Sanders also went on to say that his issue with the bill was that the tax cuts expired in ten years.

So heres the problem: 

  • In order to pass the bill with a simple majority (51), rather than have the required 60 votes in the Senate, the Republicans had to meet certain standards set out by the CBO; The standard they had to meet was to limit the amount of cuts they were proposing. 
  • If the main issue Democrats had with the bill was that they wanted to keep the middle-class tax cuts longterm, why didn’t 10 of them step up and vote for the bill? This would have allowed the Senate to keep the tax cuts in the senate proposed version permanently. 
  • What this proves is that the Democrats opposed the bill, not because they believed it was bad for the American people, but because they were playing politics, and because they calculated that they could not support anything attached to Donald Trump for fear of the American people seeing his effectiveness and re-electing him for a second term. 
  • Unfortunately, the thing the Democrats didn’t count on was Jill Stein (a liberal-leaning Republican) voting for the bill, and the bill actually passing.
  • Now, since she did, the tax cuts are going to hit the American peoples pockets, and they will see that Donald Trump is an effect president with America’s best interest in mind. This is not only going to cause an economic boom throughout the country, it’s also going to cause the people to elect the Donald J. Trump for a second time. 
  • In short, the Democrats misplayed their hand, and will now be caught in the crosshairs of the American voters for not supporting the bill that put buying power back into the hands of the people.  

Thats the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!