When Democrats in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta toss Trump votes in the trash, they’re really only hurting themselves. Why wouldn’t you want to make an informed decision based on the facts? Wouldn’t it be wise to know where your message penetrated the electorate?

As we all know, there are a number of different videos being shared around the internet of ballot sorters doing some very strange things.

We’ve seen videos of people crumbling up ballots, people writing on ballots, people burning ballots, etc. In the example below, someone took a screen recording of what appears to be a deceased 118 year old voting in Michigan.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out why someone would want to do this. 

I remember watching an interview of George W. Bush on Uncommon Knowledge post his departure from the White House.

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In the interview, former President Bush was talking about No Child Left Behind. He said that his administration knew that the only way to demand change was by collecting enough data that would prove change needed to be made. 

The Bush administration believed that by encouraging and facilitating testing, that they could then use the data to go back to under performing school districts and demand the change that would better serve the development of our kiddos. 

I’ve always thought that this was a great example of how things should work if you’re interested in changing for the better. 

Just to provide another example, I have a friend with a small trucking business. He tracks his cost to operate on every load he pulls. 

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By doing this, my friend is able to demand changes in his own business habits if he begins to see the costs rising too much in one particular area; If he sees an increase in fuel cost, perhaps slow down a bit; If he observes an increase in major repair cost, perhaps do more preventative maintenance (grease costs far less than parts).

If my friend doesn’t track frequently & accurately, he won’t know where to demand change in his business practices in order to make sure that his business is successful. I think this is very similar to the method George Bush’s administration used for the school system.

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When I think about the videos that I’ve seen of election officials hiding behind covered windows, rolling in carts full of untraceable ballots at 4am, and burning ballots in the middle of open fields, I can’t help but think of the valuable data being destroyed that could be used to make informed decisions.

Heres what I mean. If all of the real, legal ballots were to be counted, and it came back that Trump had won in a landslide, wouldn’t that create an opportunity for the Democrats to reflect on the policies they presented to the American people as a party platform? Wouldn’t that data provide a pathway for personal growth moving forward?

Perhaps the lesson needs to be learned that many Americans do not agree with a particular part of the Democrat Party’s platform – abortion, socialism, increasing taxes, cutting social security, banning fossil fuels, authoritarian policies, endless lock-downs, etc.

Perhaps there wouldn’t be a need to cheat if the Democrat party would simply listen to the American electorate rather than trying to cram a radical agenda down the throats of Americans.

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By refusing to look at real data, it does the Democrat party a disservice in that they do not ever learn to evolve. It also does the country a disservice in regards to not allowing us to move forward in a unified way around shared values. Furthermore, and just to be frank, delusion is not an attractive quality once its leaks into other areas of ones life irregardless of ones political views. 

I understand that there is a real chance for there to be a bit of cognitive dissonance if the Democrats were to find out that a loud fringe segment of their party has taken over; However, it always costs far less to deal with a problem on the frontend compared to dealing with it on the backend.