Odd relationship with Democrats

So everyone must have forgotten to mention that Trumps daughter-in-law, Kimberly Guilfoyle, attorney and popular host from “The FIVE” on Fox News, use to be married to none other than…. DRUM ROLL>>>

Gavin Newsom (Democrat and tyrant, I mean Governor of California).

Wait, and now she is in a relationship with Donald Trump Jr? Yes!!


It’s being reported that Newsom and former President Trump are actually quite connected, even before this interesting relationship between his son and daughter-in-law came to be. Apparently Trump and Newsom spoke often during Trumps time at the Whitehouse.

Trumps Meets With Newsom 2017

President Trump greets Gavin Newsom outside of Air Force One, November 17th, 2018. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Evan Vucci, AP


You know what, I’m done. 

Seriously, they want us to believe that these Trumps are hardcore American-loving patriots. I call bullshit! 

There’s no way, as a lawyer, you philosophically go from Gavin Newsom to Donald Trump, Jr.

But why would Don Jr fall for a liberal like Kimberly Guilfoyle? Was he that naive? Was he persuaded by the flesh to compromise his values for a hookup? 

Or is it true love…

Perhaps the Trumps see something we don’t

Sure, you could say that she has always been of the conservative mindset, and that’s why she isn’t with Newsom anymore. But she was with him, at a very high level in politics. Was she faking then or now? 

Trumps Daughter-in-law, Guilfoyle, with Newsom 2003

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at a campaign rally for mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom December 2003. Future Fox News host of “The Five”, Kimberly Guilfoyle, looks on. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When did her beliefs begin to change? And how did Don, Jr. verify the change, ensuring that the Trump administration wasn’t being infiltrated?

If I recall correctly, Guilfoyle dropped the ball with the “The best is yet to come” line in her Republican National Convention speech at the Whitehouse. 

Was she simply nervous? Or was she high on cocaine? Or was she tactfully making the MAGA movement appear like a caricature on the grandest of all stages?

Or is Don Jr actually a hardcore liberal — faking it this whole time. Donald Trump Jr is either so blind that he can’t possibly be the coming Trumpssiah in 2036, or he is a wolf in sheep clothing, or they’re all just settling into who they are as they grow old.

Kim is really a conservative. Gavin turned into a bitter-old turd of a narcissistic liberal, and the Trumps are pure, clean, patriotic Americans that would NEVER have anything to do with the Democrats.

EXCEPT…. President Trump was a Democrat. And President Trump did donate to Gavin Newsom’s political endeavors, as well as other Democrats.

Trumps Donation History

Conservativerush.com does not own this photo. Credit to rollcall.com

Trumps past, present, and future family

My guess is that Don Jr’s head is turned by Kim, both the Kardashian and the Fox News host, and Don Sr’s head is turned by his baby boy — Don Jr. 

I’m sure that some white male chauvinistic pig will argue that Ivanka is really doing the head turning… but we’ll get into whose doing the head turning in the Ole’ Ivanka-Jared-Kushner relationship later.

Until then, what does this say about the former presidents judgement? He had them both in the limelight for his administration at significant moments. 

But why? 

The truth is that Ivanka isn’t the oldest, and because of that old ancient wisdom in the Bible, the scriptures were once again correct when King Solomons Proverb says that a king is persuaded by long forbearance. Meaning  that the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, was persuaded by the oldest living relative in his life — Donald Trump Jr.

And the proof you need? With all of those Republicans and conservatives surrounding him, clearly The Don, I mean Don Jr, I mean Kimberly Guilfoyle, I mean Gavin Newson, I mean the Democrat(s) — his actual oldest living friends — did one Hell of a job at getting the “Keep America Great” agenda re-elected in 2020. 

Trumps MAGA hat