Being that we want to see a healthy progression of our society, it’s only right to point the things that will cause us to regress.

This past week, President Trump called for the licenses of certain media organizations to be scrutinized, meaning that they needed to be revoked or denied in the future.

The problem with this is that it may help the president silence his critics now, but when the opposing political party has the power, they will do the same thing.

The right we have been given to speak freely is a right given by God, and should not ever be placed into the hands of politicians, as it could quickly become a political weapon, just as the IRS was used against several Christian 501c3 organizations by the Democrats under Barack Obama’s tenure.

The right we have to openly criticize our government is one of, if not the most important right that we have as Americans. It distinguishes us from so many other countries that have been leveled by corrupt political groups that have risen to power by brute force.

It seems as if Trump got this one wrong. If someone has a good explanation as to why President Trump would say this, leave a comment below.