Pious – (adjective) [pahy-uhs] – Making a hypocritical display of virtue or religious devotion.

The false moral equivalence supposed between Trump’s deadly character (boastfulness, vulgarity) and Biden’s deadly pro-abortion stance is naive, immature, and willfully dismissive.”

By not addressing Biden’s character, one tempts us to strain out the gnat of Trump’s follies while swallowing the camel of Biden’s decades of public dishonesty and corruption.” (Mark Devine)

“Last week, well-known faith leader John Piper wrote an article about why he could not vote for President Trump. Some ‘never-Trumpers’ applauded. I completely disagree with his reasoning—he is wrong on this issue.”(Franklin Graham)

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[The wisdom-deficient reasoning amongst liberals] sanctifies Christian abandonment of the unborn on November 3 in favor of using the election as a pedestal on which to display the personal virtue of the voter, a pulpit to chastise the world as sinners, and a platform on which to spank two political parties that cannot clear some undefinably high hurdle of righteousness. (The American Spectator)

[Attempts to morally equate] abortion and Trump’s character is preposterous on its face and finds legitimation neither in the Bible nor in 20 centuries of moral teaching in the church of Jesus Christ. (Mark Devine)