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Walt Disney Top Contributor to Donald Trumps 2020 Campaign

Conservative Rush
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Now why in the world would Walt Disney CO., that owns ABC News, contribute 10 million dollars to Donald Trump? 

This is very strange.


1.) We all know that ABC News is not friendly towards the Trump administration

2.) We have all seen the FBI's confirmed words and phrases for pedophilia... which show up often in Disney films.

If Trump is a Q-anon-light bearer, that aims to dismantle a global cabal of pedophiles, why did a did Disney Co. support the re-election of the man that aims to take them down?

What is going on here? 

Perhaps the pedophilia symbolism in Disney films is imagined? Perhaps Disney wanted to avoid the appearance of supporting such things and strategically chose to align themselves with Trump publicly? Perhaps Trump isn't as altruistic as we'd hoped? Perhaps they don't care about being labeled pedophile supporters/protectors, and simply did what was in the best interest of the Walt Disney Co. business? 

Any thoughts? Drop your explanation below. 

Conservative Rush

Topic starter Posted : 07/12/2020 10:33 am

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