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St. Louis Target of CIA Chemical Warfare Program in 1950's

Conservative Rush
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According to an article, that has been sanitized & approved by the CIA (and can be downloaded from the website here), the Kansas City Times broke a story reported to them by the Church of Scientology.

The article reports that in 1953, the CIA used chemical warfare in St. Louis at least 35 times. They did this to gauge the vulnerability of Americans to a Soviet chemical-warfare attack.

It wasn't until the 80's that this came out. Which means the government kept this hidden for three decades. The article wasn't approved for download from the CIA website until 2010. 

According to the article, low-level exposure to Cadium (part of the make up of the chemical sprayed into St. Louis) can cause kidney issues. And long-term exposure can cause cancer.

What else have they hidden from us?

Conservative Rush

Topic starter Posted : 13/12/2020 10:16 am

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