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Pizza Gate

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This is a really big one. This one claims that there is an elite pedophile ring in Washington, DC. It is understood that one of the places where these people gather to engage in salacious activity is in the basement of a pizza restaurant called "Comet Pizza".

The Pizzagate conspiracy gained popularity during the 2016 election when John Podesta's emails were leaked. Scattered throughout the emails was verbiage that seemed to indicate that his circle of friends loved pizza, as well as a few select other foods.

The problem is that many of the sentences/emails/phrases made no sense to the common eye, until someone began comparing the words in the emails to the FBI documents that clarified the terminology used by pedophiles.

As soon as that research began, the internet went crazy because the emails made perfect sense. As would follow, people began to research the social media accounts of the people mentioned in the emails. One in particular was the owner of Comet Pizza who went by the name @JimmyComet on Instagram. It was at this point that things got really strange. Many of the people emailing back and forth with Podesta were publicly posting very inappropriate images of children, satanic worship rituals, etc. There is a ton of video and screen grabs that have been collected as a result.

Be warned, if you go looking for the info, be mentally prepared, and don't use Google because the information is being blocked on that search engine. My recommendation is to watch the video linked above, it will explain a great deal of this.

Remember the FBI terms from the image below when reading through any other conspiracy theories, specifically when you see the artwork Justin Bieber posted for his "Yummy" video; The imagery for the song release was the word yummy in the format of a melting pizza (which is also on his instagram account).

Conservative Rush

Topic starter Posted : 27/11/2020 12:00 pm

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