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CIA Director (Killed? Wounded?) - Election Server - Frankfurt, Germany

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We all heard about the server that was allegedly seized in Germany. At the beginning of the whisperings there were people that came out and said that it wasn't true. 

Originally, the idea was presented by Representative Louie Gomert of Texas in a video interview. 

Gomert stated that he had credible sources suggesting that a server had been seized by the military in Germany. He also indicated that a Tweet is what informed him; However, he did not say that was the ONLY PIECE OF EVIDENCE.

Shortly thereafter, Dominion came out and stated that they do not have an office in Frankfurt, Germany. 

The problem is, at the same time the Presidents attorneys were in search of Dominion leadership, they found that Dominion offices were being closed across the globe, and Dominion employees were deleting their online profiles quicker-than-a-hiccup. 

As it concerns the CIA Director, it is being alleged that the CIA Director was on the ground in Germany (off of US soil), and was caught red handed destroying evidence. It is also being alleged that the Director was either shot and killed or wounded in the seizure of said server. 


Sidney Powell was asked on live television if the seizure of this server was true, and her response was yes, but she didn't know who (good guys or bad guys) got the server. 

This one is a nail bitter. If this is true, and the Trump team has the raw voting data, which apparently shows that Trump actually received 400+ electoral votes, this is a game changer. Guess we'll all just have to wait and see. 

Conservative Rush

Topic starter Posted : 04/12/2020 5:42 am

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