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"Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey" & "The Last President"

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This one is weird, but just go with it for a second. Published in 1893 and 1900, author, Ingersoll Lockwood, wrote a series of books that are incredibly similar to the first family of the United States. The general idea, again, is that time travel exists. I know may have lost you there, but just keep reading.

Archived in the library of congress are two books: In the first book a boy named Baron finds a secret portal and time travels. Furthermore, Baron Trump's adventure begins in Russia. The boy is guided by the master of all masters, a man named Don. In the second book, scenes of a panicked NY City are in an uproar in early November (after an election) because an outsider candidate won. Organizers against the winner are lead by anarchists and socialists. The point is then made in the book that the "Fifth Avenue Hotel" will be the first to feel the fury. The winner of the presidency begins to choose his cabinet, and one of the men he picked was a man named Lafe Pence.

Conservative Rush

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