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Anthony Weiner File Labeled "Insurance Policy"

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This one is about the rising Democrat star, the mayoral-candidate from New York, that was arrested and sent to prison for sexting an underage girl, Anthony Weiner.

Essentially, there was a file on Anthony Weiner's laptop that was labeled "Insurance policy". It is said that eleven NYPD officers have seen the videos in the file, and that they immediately went to throw up because of how heinous the footage was... allegedly because the videos have something to do with the abuse of children and people high up in government?

Keep in mind, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's former wife, was the personal assistant to Hillary Clinton.

I'm sure you may be thinking to yourself, if there is a file, why haven't they done anything? Well, I'll just throw out a freebie-conspiracy theory for you real quick... 

The thought is that they are, but it's a process. If you'll recall, back in July, a big story came out that Trump had fired the Attorney General of the Souther District of NY. The former AG was responsible for Jeffrey Epstein's case, The investigation into the Clinton Foundations Uranium One relationship, the Anthony Weiner LAPTOP, and the Gishlane Maxwell case.

At the beginning of August, Gishlane was arrested per a warrant put forth by the new Attorney General of the Southern District of NY. The idea here is that the former AG was sitting on evidence, and the new one is moving with God-speed. 

And if you think the story dies there, you'd be very wrong. As recently as a couple of months ago, the attorney representing General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, called for the Anthony Weiner laptop file to be looked into in a speech that aired on live television. 

Conservative Rush

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