Today we learned that California will be the first state in the Union to mandate women board members.

If your business is based in the state of California, you are required to have at least one woman on your board of directors. By the year 2021, any company with five or more board members will be required to have 2 to 3 women on their board.

I am absolutely shocked by the blatant man-spreading that’s taking place in this situation. No man that serves on a board of directors would willingly accept a position if he knew that he is only there because there is a law that says he is required to be.

Every woman in the United States should be offended. If they only want you on the team because you have to be there, screw’em!

I would think that there would be a public outcry about this, but I’d bet on it that the lawmakers will be heralded for their boldness to take, what will be painted as, additional steps towards a fundamental transformation of the United States as proclaimed by Barack Obama.

This is really just another example of the liberal hypocrisy we pointed out in our article from yesterday. First women want to be treated as equals, but then they want reparations to get on the board of directors at their companies?

What hard-working, intelligent woman would ever want to have an asterisk by her name if she could have gotten to the top by merit alone?

What do you think? Is this just an attempt by men to insert themselves into the lives women? Is this not yet another example of the way liberals give a man fish to make him more dependent on the government instead of teaching him how to fish so that he can provide for himself? Leave your thoughts below!